Hockey Night in Boston
Showcasing the stars since 1972!

Hockey Night in Boston and our summer hockey tournaments are now in our amazing 43rd year and continue to be considered by many College recruiters as one of their most important scouting criterion for evaluating the top underclassmen in the USA. Over 250 HNIB graduates are now college stars, and over 50 former HNIB players wore NHL/AHL jerseys this past year.

HNIB Summer Tournaments consist of the Boys Major Summer Showcase, the Girls Major Summer Showcase, the Sophomore All-Star Tournament, and the Jr. High Festival. HNIB also holds many weekend selection festivals which can be found HERE.

Hockey Night in Boston also covers high school, prep school, and junior hockey with HNIB News, a print publication and website dedicated to scholastic hockey coverage. Check out the HNIB News website by clicking here!

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Since 1972
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